China Oil Painting Wholesale Center - Supply high quality hand painted oil paintings reproductions of masterpieces

China Oil Painting Wholesale Center - Supplies oil paintings reproductions of masterpieces at wholesale price!

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Oil Painting Wholesale From China

Wholesale Supply Oil Paintings Reproductions of Masterpieces  is the online platform of china leading oil painting reproductions wholesale center - Joyo Art Salon, whom has
experienced over 20 years speed development in the oil painting field,   and has now become the leading hand paint oil painting wholesale
and supply center in china.  From here, you will enjoy a satisfactory service for oil painting business whatever you are the first time visitor,
or our old customers.

In this website, we collected oil on canvas painting art works from the famous oil paintings old masters in the world oil painting history from
16th to the early 20th century,  which contains a comprehensive categories like oil painting landscapenude painting and angel oil painting,
chinese oil painting,  animal oil paintings ( dog paintingcat painting,  horse painting and lion oil painting etc. ),   still life oil painting involves
floral and flowerabstract palette knife painting and modern art and contemporary oil painting,   impressionism oil painting,  even the famous
oil painting old master of  "the last supper",  you can also find it from our online oil painting catalogue.

In the meantime, we also display most of the famous artists' art works around the world like Claude Monet,   Van Gogh,  Frida Kahlo,   Pablo Picasso,  Cezanne Paul Botero,   Salvador Dali,   Gustav Klimt,  LempickaMatisseMiroModiglianiMucha, oil paintings etc.

Top three FAQ:

What kind of quality level your artists can do?

Most of our artists have received a well education from the professional art academy, and have an experience of several years artist career, 
so they can use their expert oil painting techniques flexibly to finish every piece of art works,  which is also the most important reason that
we can supply you the consistent high quality paintings.   Moreover, under the strict quality control of our inspection department,  we are
confident to give you a 100% satisfactory quality along with the full amount refund guarantee

What is your price advantage?

Once you step into our company,  it means that you have really found the first source and direct oil paintings supplier from china factory,
from here you will reveive a big discount and unbeatable wholesale price.   Check our factory price right now to calculate how many more
profits you will obtain for your future business, and save your cost by 50%, 80% or even more?!

How many different subjects your artists can paint?

Our artists are devided into 8 work teams in the company, each team specialized in one subject from our categories,  which involve the
animal subject, figures, landscape, still life, contemporary, impressionism, abstract and oil painting portrait from photos work teams.  Give
us the detail instructions of any subject or picture you are planning to order, and we will supply you the art works exactly with satisfaction.

Any points If you still puzzled about,  please contact with our exporting department immediately,
we will give you a satisfactory reply within 24 hours.


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