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Oil-Painting-Wholesaler.com is the online platform of China Oil Painting Wholesale Center,  whom has focused on the wholesale of oil paintings reproductions,  oil painting portrait from photos and decorative related arts for over 20 years.  China Oil Painting Wholesale Center has been providing thousands of master art works to the oil painting wholesalers, fine art dealers, oil painting resellers, framers, art galleries, hotels, furniture company and interior designers around the world.

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Painting Category Painting In Stock Oil Portrait Decorative Art

What we offer?

We are specialized in:

  • Wholesale classical oil painting reproductions;

  • Wholesale modern art and decorative oil paintings;

  • Wholesale supply custom oil painting portrait from photos;

   We also offer picture frames and accessories.

Why choose us?

Today's oil painting wholesale market is not like before, it is full of competition, how you should do to ensure your success on the market,  a stable supply chain is the most important, especially for the business across international. China Oil Painting Wholesale Center dedicates to be the largest oil painting wholesaler in China,  and make efforts to be your best supplier and oil painting wholesale source from China.

  • Reliable credit standing, focused on art business for 21 years and online for 6 years, we are good at quality control on large quantity.

  • With our bottom wholesale price,  you will have more chance to beat your competitors and obtain more profits from your sales.

  • Professional European quality control, assure your sales smooth and fast to go.

  • Large quantity of art works to choose from,  wide selections of art products give you more choice to enlarge your business line.

  • Easy and convenient online ordering system with 100% secure online payment method.

  • Best service, our customer service team are able offer you a prompt response to any of your questions.

  • Full money back guarantee, you are no need to worry about any problems of after-sales.

We have 300 talented and experienced artists working for our company, meanwhile,  China Oil Painting Wholesale Center have an agreement with over 20 studios working together to offer you the really high quality art works at the lowest prices on the market.

Though there are many suppliers and competitors nowadays in the market, we are still full of confidence, we believe under our sincerely service, stunning quality control and reasonable price, we can be your best supplier and choice.

What customers say?

China Oil Painting Wholesale Center has hundreds of satisfactory customers, whom have enjoyed a good business relationship with us, and some of them have cooperated with us for near 10 years, see below what they say about...

Comments from Steven on Apr. 21, 2008.

I just received the packages... they are very nice! I am very appreciated your excellent quality control and fast service. I will prepare for you the next order quickly.  Steven Y.,USA  

Comments from Chris on Oct. 12, 2007.

Thanks for your quotation, the price sounds very good, next week I have a visit plan to China, and I'd like to meet with you to discuss the further cooperation for the next year. Chris, Germany

Comments from Joseph on Apr. 06, 2007.

I received my order this morning, the quality is stunning and I am 100% satisfied with them. I believe they will be sold out quickly during our sales season. Thank you very much for your assistance and excellent service.  Joseph., UK


When you compare Prices, be sure to compare Quality!

Thanks for your time and wish you a great trip on our website...

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